The Late Mr. Sultan Mohammed J. S. Al Jaber

Founder Al-Jaber Group, Qatar
(1927 – 2007)

The Al-Jaber Group, founded by the late Mr. Sultan Mohammed Al Jaber in 1976, started as a company selling paint and building tools, eventually expanding into engineering services. Today, under the leadership of Mr. Mohammed Sultan Al Jaber, the group has become one of Qatar’s largest providers of products, equipment, manpower, and services to sectors such as Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water & Electricity, and Infrastructure. Mr. Sultan Mohammed Al Jaber’s entrepreneurial journey began with ventures in transportation and an audio recording studio. Later, he established a civil consulting firm in partnership with his friends, setting the foundation for the Al-Jaber Group. Following Mr. Sultan Mohammed Al Jaber’s passing in 2007, Mohammed Sultan Al Jaber joined the company after completing his Civil Engineering degree in the United States. Under his leadership, the group has experienced significant growth, diversifying its activities and playing a crucial role in Qatar’s infrastructure development. As the company expanded, it divided into two separate firms: Al-Jaber Trading & Contracting focusing on building projects, and Al-Jaber Engineering Company specializing in infrastructure development and engineering projects. From its beginnings as a single building company, the group has grown into over 70 companies, with a workforce that exceeded 20,000 in 2008. The Al-Jaber Group has consistently diversified and become a key player in providing essential products, equipment, manpower, and services to various sectors in Qatar. The group’s workload has significantly increased as Qatar’s focus on infrastructure development intensified, providing ample opportunities to showcase its capabilities and expertise.

Mohammed Sultan Al Jaber


Mr. Mohammed Sultan Al Jaber joined the family business in 1980 after completing his Civil Engineering degree from United States.Under his leadership, management and supervision, the Group has consistently diversified and grown into one of the largest providers of needed products, equipment, manpower and related services to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water & Electricity and Infrastructure sectors in Qatar. The group now is in a commanding position that gives it the advantage to be selective of the projects it undertakes by carefully analyzing the value a project would bring to the country and its people rather than only the financial gains that could be achieved.

Jaber Sultan Al Jaber

(Vice Chairman, HR & Administration)

Mr. Jaber Sultan Al Jaber has joined the family business in 1979 with his father. He is responsible for providing directions, guidance and support to the HR and the administration team. He possesses a strong understanding of leading HR practices, industry trends, governmental policy and procedures. He has very well assimilated his knowledge of industrial good practices and conglomerate functioning into the policy and procedures and directed the implementation of the same trying hard for employee retention through employee empowerment and engagement whenever required. He has also very ably managed the administration function by liaising with Govt. Departments and Ministry for the compilation, circulation and dissemination of required information, tackling all disciplinary issues with suitable actions and keeping the valued employees motivated.

Salah Sultan Al Jaber

(Vice Chairman, Finance & Business Development & JTC Chief Executive Officer)

Mr. Salah Sultan Al Jaber started his career with Qatar Petroleum (QP) after completing his degree in Aeronautical Engineering from United States in 1993. He worked with QP until 2008 and then joined the family business. He ably leads the finance organization and provides valuable inputs to the relevant authorities on business expansion opportunities. He has also been carrying out the business development activities. He possesses strong business acumen and analytical skills and has implemented internal controls in the organization. He has also put-in proper systems & processes to ensure statutory compliance and takes care of all types of audits. He efficiently manages the Management Information System and cash flow. Another important feather in his cap is the ERP implementation.

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